Do not let!!!!

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Hi at all!!!

Today i’m going to write a poem attributed to Walt Whitman, Do not let, i think this poem is the best one between all i know, i don’t know why, maybe is because it has very meaning, and for hard moments is really good and inspirator, today, i dedicate it to my friend Toño, for the hard times that he lives now, don’t be afraid my friend, you can with this and with all!!!!!


Make money (get investment) with Free/Libre Software today is a reallity

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Hi at all!!!!

Today, i was reading an article about how the company called Riptano have achieved $2.7 million in a investment capital made by Lightspeed Venture Partners.

Riptano is a commercial company for Cassandra, a scalable  and high performance open source database.

Lightspeed Venture Partners is a global venture capital firm with over $2 billion of commited capital under management.

With the investment, Riptano is hiring developers to work full-time on Cassandra, building a business team to serve its customers, creating Cassandra resources and developing performance management software.

Steve Jobs on Android’s fragmentation

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Hi at all!!!

Today, i’ve read an article through Reto Meier Buzz apropos Steve Jobs sentence about Android fragmentation.

In this article, the Apple CEO says that Android is fragmented and that the open vs closed software dilemma isn’t important  as long as Apple’s propietary mobile operating system manages to provide a better user experience.