Android Developer LAB 2010 in Madrid!!

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android dev lab  2010


Last Saturday (02-13-2010) was the Android Developer LAB en Madrid,  organized by Gsyc/LibreSoft and Google (Gsyc/LibreSoft is an investigation group of my university, URJC).

The morning started really good… evererybody recieved a Nexus One!!!!  a gift totally free made by Google!!! so, as i say, very very good!!! The mobile phone at the moment doesn’t sell in Spain, so we’re the first in my country!!! 🙂 it’s really awesome!!! nothing to see with my “old” Dev Phone and Android 1.6…. Nexus One has 1GHz SnapDragon microprocessor.. so it’s how u have a little netbook on your hand!!!! Nexus’ screen is really big, 3’7″ much more than iPhone or other Android phones.. and the software.. for me the really important.. is great!!! animations, 3D effects, soft soft soft!!! 5 desktop.. contacts and phone caller are changed since the last versions.. in conclussion.. the best phone i’ve ever had!!