QA, Thunderbird and Mozilla (Updated)

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Hi folks!!!

As I said before, in my previous post about QA, Thunderbird and Mozilla based in the slides of Ludovic Hirlimann, when I had available the video that my university recorded about that session I would update the post, so here we are again.

This update has been done instead after to watch completely the video, litle by litle every time I thought Ludovic told something more important than the rest, or something curious for me, or something that I thought was relevant.


Support and training on FLOSS migrations

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Hi all!!!

The last Friday we had a great class about the cost of the migration from privative software infrastructure to libre one, and aspects related with the formation and training in libre software.

And we had a question to response:

How do you face the formation and education on a migration to libre software?

Onion Skin in FLOSS (and other aspects of our lives)

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Hi all!!!

Continuing with the posts regarding the study of free software communities, now I’m going to talk about a term which I’ve hear in my M.Sc. at first time, but also is fit to other situations of the life.

The term is “Onion Skin“.

Migration to Libre Software in Zaragoza city council

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Hi all!!!

Yesterday I began a new subject in my M.Sc. on Libre Software, and we had a talk presented by Eduardo Romero Moreno, who talked us about the migration to Libre Software in the Zaragoza city council, the talk was very interesting and entertaining, and as activity of our subject here I write about this talk, the main topics, data, advantages and disadvantages of the migration, etc.

This notes were taken in real time in my class, the lecturer talked in spanish and I translated and wrote at the same time, so maybe you can find a few mistakes 😉

Also I attach a pdf (created and formatted using LaTeX) if you prefer this format.

Karl Fogel. Article 7 “Netiquette”

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Hi all!!
Continuing with the articles regarding Karl Fogel’s book “Producing Open Source Software“, today I’m going to speak about the netiquette term.

Netiquette is a “set of rules” or maybe “a guide” to behav correctly in forums, wikis, mailing lists, etc. in all Internet communication ways.

Karl Fogel. Article 6 “You are what you write”

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Hi all!!

Continuing with the series of articles based in Karl Fogel’s book “Producing Open Source Software“, now I’m going to talk about a sentence commented some days ago by my teachers in class and by Karl Fogel in his book

You are what you write

Karl Fogel. Article 3 “State that the project is free”

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Hi all!!

Now, continuing with the articles related to Karl Fogel’s book, I’m going to talk about something that in the most cases seems obvious, but in several cases doesn’t it.

In your floss webpage project you must say explicitly that your project is “Free Software” or “Open Source Software”.

Karl Fogel. Article 2 “Choose a good name”

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Hi all!!

Continuing with the series of articles about Karl Fogel’s book “Producing Open Source Software“, in this post I’m going to talk about other important thig in every software project, the name that we must put it.

A good name is a very important thing because can give you more opportunities that your project can be most used and has poppularity or your project has little ones.