Karl Fogel. Article 4 “How to apply a license to your software”

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Continuing the series of articles about Karl Fogel’s book, now I’m going about a very interest point, and maybe the most important when you decide to release your project under any floss license.


Born the first “free domain”, .42

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Hi all!!!

Today I was reading my rss reader about free software news and I’ve read a news about the first free software domain .42 .

.42 is a domain of the company 42registry.org, and the purpose for this domain is to promote the net neutrality, with the premise to create an open Internet and focused to free software.

What is Oracle doing with the Free/Libre Software?

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Hi at all!!!

Possibly you know about Oracle and the bought of Sun Microsystems for it the last year, and possibly you know the last news about the Oracle against Sun Microsystems managed free software products,… don’t you know?? ok, i’m going to explain…!!

First of all, Oracle win de bought over Sun Microsystems against the other bidder, IBM, the last year, and then, all the free software projects that Sun Microsystems had, now, Oracle had the property.

Apple, VLC and Free/Libre Software

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Hi at all!!!

Today i was reading my rss when i find one interesting article about a licenses conflict between Apple and VideoLAN, with the open source project of last ones called VLC.

At first, said VLC is the most famous (or at least, one of the most) open source video player. It’s available for several operating systems, like MS Windows, GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, iOS, Sylable, FreeBSD, NetBSD, Solaris, etc.

VLC is open source under the GNU GPL license.

What is Fair use???

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Hi at all!!!

Last Friday, in my subject about Legal Aspects of Free/Libre Software, my classmates and me played a curious game:

The teachers gave us five topics about issues with intellectual property, me and my group speak about the issue between Google, with their Google News, and some publishers and other electronic news papers.

Creative Commons release the Public Domain Mark

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Hi at all!!!

The October 11th Creative Commons announced the Public Domain Mark, that enables works free of known copyright restrictions also called works under Public Domain, for label with their new mark for, like other Creative Commons marks, make the search of this works in an easy way over internet.

The complete announce is here.

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OpenOffice.org new fork… Libre Office!!!!!!

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Hi at all!!!!

Yesterday, 28 th September, the volunteer developer community who developed OpenOffice.org have decided separate from this trademark controlled now by Oracle, and found the independent platform Libre Office.

This project is organized under The Document Foundation, which is supported by Google, EMEA, and NeoOffice between others.

QuiteSleep changes the license

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Hi at all!!!

I’m glad to announce QuiteSleep changes the license terms to GNU GPL v3, i have known recently Java Mail project used for send mail from the app, use join other licenses, the BSD license, and this is compatible with GNU GPL v3, and this was the only reason for QuiteSleep, at the beggining, was released under GNU GPL v2 (and later) license.

So QuiteSleep since now and onwards use the GNU GPL v3.

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Iconos y licencias

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Estos días estoy, a la par que termino las prácticas de la asignatura de Software Libre, terminando el desarrollo de QuiteSleep, mi Proyecto Fin de Master, ya hace unos días que podría presentarlo con lo que tengo perfectamente, pero soy muy perfeccionista, y cada vez encuentro algo que mejorar.