QA, Thunderbird and Mozilla

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Hi all!!!

Today I’m going to start a set of articles regarding my subject of my M.Sc. on Free Software called Case Studies II (I completed the first the last course 😉 ).


What is QA?? and the QA for Mozilla… and for me ;-)

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Hi mates!!!!

Today I’m going to write about another really intersting thing which we have learned in the Project Evaluation subject, QA (Quality Assurance).

In the class that my mates were in it, remember I couldn’t go because I’m living in Amsterdam, they sow the Mozilla case about the QA, so now I’m with the slides they used in it, I’m going to explain what they learned.

Quality types in FLOSS projects

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Hi folks!!!

Reading the slides of my subject about Project Evaluation on FLOSS, regarding the quality on software,
I found a part very interesting, that part it talks about the different types of quality we have in  software large projects, the ones are:

  • Quality assurance: Defining framework for organizational quality.
  • Quality planning: Selecting elements from the framework, adapted to a particular project.
  • Quality control: Checking that development teams adhere to the plan.

Studying the effort and productivity in FLOSS projects

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Hi all!!!

These days I have been doing my exercises relating studies of FLOSS communities.
The last exercise was one related the study of effort (based on the number of developers) and productivity (based on number of commits).

This exercise have served me to learn much more about how is the independent the number of developers of a FLOSS project and the number of commits performed by them (productivity).

For example I studied two projects Subversion and TortoiseCVS.

Onion Skin in FLOSS (and other aspects of our lives)

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Hi all!!!

Continuing with the posts regarding the study of free software communities, now I’m going to talk about a term which I’ve hear in my M.Sc. at first time, but also is fit to other situations of the life.

The term is “Onion Skin“.

Sitios web de análisis de Proyectos Software

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Después de hablar de algunos de las forjas web más importantes para proyectos software, ahora voy a hablar de dos sitios web que analizan diferentes proyectos software mostrando todo tipo de datos, como tipo de código utilizado, estadísticas de visitas a ese proyecto, utilización, etc. muy útil cuando queremos estudiar con más detenimiento algún proyecto software colaborativo (o no).