The Gnome Project

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Hi folks!!

Continuing with the set of posts that I’ve written about Study Cases in my M.Sc. on FLOSS, today I’m going to talk about the talk which was given by Carlos Garcia Campos in my University.

As the previous post, the video of this talk is not uploaded, so this first post will be based in the slides that Carlos used.

This talk was about The Gnome Project and its history.


Apache Tomcat, notes and light configuration.

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Hi at all!!!

Today I continue with the Case studies!! and now i’m going to speak about Apache Tomcat.

Apache Tomcat is a project by The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) so its licensend under Apache License v2.

Before to be an Apache Project i must say a little history about this.

Android, a few notes and a little description of basic elements

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Hi at all!!!

Today in the series of articles about Case studies from my M.Sc. in Libre Software subject, i’m going to speak about Android.

Android is a open source project driven by the Open Headset Alliance, a set of 47 companies including Google, HTC, Intel, Motorola, Samsung, Qualcomm, and many others.

Google is the leader of this alliance and the Android project.

Git, some notes and a little tutorial

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Hi at all!!!!

These days I write a serie of post related my subject in Case Studies, in this subject the teachers show us a series of talks about free software applications, tools, how-to’s, and every that they think interesting for us.

Today i’m going to write about Git.

Sitios web de análisis de Proyectos Software

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Después de hablar de algunos de las forjas web más importantes para proyectos software, ahora voy a hablar de dos sitios web que analizan diferentes proyectos software mostrando todo tipo de datos, como tipo de código utilizado, estadísticas de visitas a ese proyecto, utilización, etc. muy útil cuando queremos estudiar con más detenimiento algún proyecto software colaborativo (o no).