High Availability (HA) Clusters using libre software

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Hi all!!!!

Yesterday we had our last class on our subject in Deployment of Free Software, and this class was about how to create an high availability cluster using free software.

I’m going to talk about the elements and terms that are used in a cluster of this type:


Support and training on FLOSS migrations

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Hi all!!!

The last Friday we had a great class about the cost of the migration from privative software infrastructure to libre one, and aspects related with the formation and training in libre software.

And we had a question to response:

How do you face the formation and education on a migration to libre software?

Libre Software on desktops (in spanish public administrations) and servers

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Hi all!!

Friday was my 2nd class on my subject on Deploy of Libre Software.
This class was based on libre software on both sides, desktop computers and servers.

Is different the type of computer that you use, is different using a desktop or a server.

Migration to Libre Software in Zaragoza city council

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Hi all!!!

Yesterday I began a new subject in my M.Sc. on Libre Software, and we had a talk presented by Eduardo Romero Moreno, who talked us about the migration to Libre Software in the Zaragoza city council, the talk was very interesting and entertaining, and as activity of our subject here I write about this talk, the main topics, data, advantages and disadvantages of the migration, etc.

This notes were taken in real time in my class, the lecturer talked in spanish and I translated and wrote at the same time, so maybe you can find a few mistakes 😉

Also I attach a pdf (created and formatted using LaTeX) if you prefer this format.