I’m alive!!!

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Hi folks!!

Long time ago since the last time I wrote here… I think since May.. uff.. and I promised to write quite often… hehehe.. well.. too many things have happened in my life these months.. so it’s understandable;-)


In Amsterdam!!!! 1st week

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Hola amiguit@s!!!!

Bueno pues os voy a contar a estas horas de la noche y después de estar hablando con un compi nuevo de habitación de Boston cerca de 2 horas de nuestro paso por Amsterdam, la crisis en España, su viaje en moto por Europa, y de lo valioso que son estas experiencias vitales, entre otras cosas (cada vez noto que mi inglés mejora más!!), como me han ido estos primeros días por estas tierras de dios.

Road to Amsterdam 1. Ready for the trip!!!

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Hola amiguit@s!!!

Pues aquí estamos,.. a horas un poco raras.. pero este día tiene que serlo.. es mi última noche aquí en Madrid, en Móstoles, mi ciudad, mañana empezará la aventura de mi vida en un país diferente y en una ciudad mundialmente famosa… en estos relatos no voy a decir nombres para respetar la intimidad pero utilizare nombres-en-clave jejeje…

Onion Skin in FLOSS (and other aspects of our lives)

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Hi all!!!

Continuing with the posts regarding the study of free software communities, now I’m going to talk about a term which I’ve hear in my M.Sc. at first time, but also is fit to other situations of the life.

The term is “Onion Skin“.

Do you like FLOSS? Why? Do you know?

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Hi all!!!

Writing my previous post about how apply a FLOSS license to your project, have been at my head a frequent question that occur when someone say me “I like very much FLOSS” or “I love FLOSS I’m a big defender about it” or similar… then I ask in my interior why? Do you know what is FLOSS?… obviously I don’t say nothing to the person because I know that FLOSS is a very complex topic and the person say it with all of your good will.

Do not let!!!!

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Hi at all!!!

Today i’m going to write a poem attributed to Walt Whitman, Do not let, i think this poem is the best one between all i know, i don’t know why, maybe is because it has very meaning, and for hard moments is really good and inspirator, today, i dedicate it to my friend Toño, for the hard times that he lives now, don’t be afraid my friend, you can with this and with all!!!!!

My second M.Sc….. this year.. Free/Libre Software!!!!

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Hi at all!!!!

Well, the last Friday, i was in my first class of my new M.Sc. in Free/Libre Software, as you know (if not, see the About me section) this blog started as an activity in my subject in Free/Libre Software of my first M.Sc. in Computer and Telematic Systems, the activity consisted in put some posts about Free/Libre Software, about our classes, news, and all around this.

This year i have the same activity, so i will begin to write new posts about free/libre software again, anyway as  you can see, i never have let to write it.

See u my friends.. and soon… again… Free/Libre software in my blog!!!!!