QuiteSleep 2.0 in Android Market and in the Project web site!!!

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Hi all!!!

Today I’m glad to announce you the release of the new version of QuiteSleep (v2.0) in the Android Market and in the QuiteSleep Project website.

This new version comes with new and cool functionality like:


Over 300,000 Android devices activated per day

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Hi at all!!!

Today i’ve seen Andy Rubin twitter, (Rubin is vice-president of Android department Engineering in Google) and he says exactly that “There are over 300,000 Android devices activated each day”.

This meaning that there are 300,000 new devices activated per day with a FLOSS operating system, in this case, Android, and if we see more far, we can say that there are 300,000 devices activated per day using Linux.

This is great news for the FLOSS community!!! the next days/months with the adoption of the new Android 2.3 version, surely the number of these devices can be more high.

See u my friends!!!

Android, a few notes and a little description of basic elements

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Hi at all!!!

Today in the series of articles about Case studies from my M.Sc. in Libre Software subject, i’m going to speak about Android.

Android is a open source project driven by the Open Headset Alliance, a set of 47 companies including Google, HTC, Intel, Motorola, Samsung, Qualcomm, and many others.

Google is the leader of this alliance and the Android project.

Steve Jobs on Android’s fragmentation

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Hi at all!!!

Today, i’ve read an article through Reto Meier Buzz apropos Steve Jobs sentence about Android fragmentation.

In this article, the Apple CEO says that Android is fragmented and that the open vs closed software dilemma isn’t important  as long as Apple’s propietary mobile operating system manages to provide a better user experience.

AndroidStartup in ElAndroideLibre.com and QuiteSleep in and.roid.es!!!!!

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Hi at all!!!!!

Today is one day with lot of movements about  my Android community in Madrid, AndroidStartup, and my app QuiteSleep:

1- A few days ago, me and other members of my group answered some questions about our community for appear in one post in the Android blog called ElAndroideLibre, one of the most important blogs about Android in Spain. Today, the post have been published and we appear in this web!!! Some new members have joined after see this post!! The community continues to grow!!!!

The post in ElAndroideLibre here.

2- A few days ago, i sent one article about my app QuiteSleep to and.roid.es, the most important community and web about Android in the Spanish language, and today the article have been published!!!!! So, i hope that many people donwload and install my app, and particularly hope that send me notes about if likes, something to better, help me to develop and grow up the app, etc.

Post about QuiteSleep in and.roid.es here.

Well that’s all, great news shortly before i take my summer holidays!!!!

See u my friends!!!!!

Summer time

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Hi at all!!!

These days i don’t write almost anything, nothing important to do, nothing important to write… anyway… i have got a few days for take holidays!!!! and relax, fun, meet friends, … the real summer time!!.. 😉

Well,.. there is something important, i have a few reviews about my stay in the TLPK2K10:

– About all TLP2K10 experience by the Seville crack boys The Flying Cortijo,..  here.

– About my lecture “QuiteSleep, FLOSS project in Android” by the other Canary crack boys Androizados.com, here.

And little else to say,… good rest of the summer, enjoy my friends!!!!!! I’ll write again soon!!

See u!!!

Review de la Tenerife Lan Party 2K10 (TLP2K10)!!!!!

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Hola a todos!!!!

Pues nada, como sabeis del 22 al 24 de Julio estuve en la Tenerife Lan Party 2K10 junto con mi compañero Germán, invitados por la organización para dar un par de charlas sobre Android representando a la comunidad que hemos creado, AndroidStartup, ¿¿y que decir de este viaje??? que ha sido una pasada!!!

QuiteSleep is now in the Goapk Chinese Android Market!!!!!!!!!

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Hi at all!!!

I’m glad to announce that QuiteSleep is now available in the Goapk chinese Android Market!!!!! Translate into simplified and traditional chinese!!!! Ready for more than 1000 million chinese people!!!!! It’s incredible!!!!!!!

The web site is here.

Thanks again to Goapk for all the work and the interest shown!!!!

See u!!!!

QuiteSleep in Tenerife Lan Party!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi at all!!!!

Tomorrow, me and my colleage Germán, representing our Android group, AndroidStartup, will be in Tenerife for the Tenerife Lan Party!!! The best computing party from Canary Islands!!! We’ll give two lectureus the Friday!!

Me lecture will be about my app, QuiteSleep, so i will be speak about the app, functionality, my app how as a FLOSS project, and for finish, how i implement the most important things in code, i hope that will be a good lecture and like to the attendees!!!

Well i will write about this three days in my twitter and facebook account, and of course here!!!

See u!!!!