QA, Thunderbird and Mozilla (Updated)

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Hi folks!!!

As I said before, in my previous post about QA, Thunderbird and Mozilla based in the slides of Ludovic Hirlimann, when I had available the video that my university recorded about that session I would update the post, so here we are again.

This update has been done instead after to watch completely the video, litle by litle every time I thought Ludovic told something more important than the rest, or something curious for me, or something that I thought was relevant.


KDE Community

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Hi folks!!!

Continuing with the set of articles regarding my subject of Case Studies II, and at this moment, without the possibility to watch the videos which were recorded in each session, I’m continuing writing the posts following and based in the slides which were used by the lecturer.

Today, is the turn for KDE, which was given by Albert Astals Cid member of this community and the local chapter of Spanish KDE.

What is QA?? and the QA for Mozilla… and for me ;-)

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Hi mates!!!!

Today I’m going to write about another really intersting thing which we have learned in the Project Evaluation subject, QA (Quality Assurance).

In the class that my mates were in it, remember I couldn’t go because I’m living in Amsterdam, they sow the Mozilla case about the QA, so now I’m with the slides they used in it, I’m going to explain what they learned.

Quality types in FLOSS projects

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Hi folks!!!

Reading the slides of my subject about Project Evaluation on FLOSS, regarding the quality on software,
I found a part very interesting, that part it talks about the different types of quality we have in  software large projects, the ones are:

  • Quality assurance: Defining framework for organizational quality.
  • Quality planning: Selecting elements from the framework, adapted to a particular project.
  • Quality control: Checking that development teams adhere to the plan.