AFICUS (Avanza I+D) in Valladolid

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What’s up people!! Yesterday (02-23-2010) I went to Valladolid for the AFICUS (Avanza I+D project) kick off meeting.

AFICUS is a project for think, investigate and develope the  Future Internet Architecture for User generated Content (Arquitectura para la Futura Internet de Contenidos de Usuario, in spanish).

This project is leadership by Telefonica I+D, with other partners like as URJC, UC3M, Solaiemes, Amaris and “my company” ComoLAB.

The meeting was in Technological Park in Boecillo (Valladolid), and the next time will be in my town and in my university URJC!!! this time i’m not going to be late!!! I promise!!! 😉