We’re the World Cup Champions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi at all!!!!

One thing, WE’RE THE WORLD CUP CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All the life waiting for this moment and last the moment arrived!!!!!!!!!

We’re full of pride and happiness!!!!!!!!!

No words…. one country, one team, one sense… SPAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See u my friends!!!!


Spain is in the World Cup Final!!!!!!!

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Spain, my country, my team!!! is in the World Cup final!!!!! vs the Netherlands!!!!! I hope that we’ll win this match, and this night, Spain will be a crazy party!!!!!! The next day in the work??? well, one day is one day!!!

This World Cup must be our World Cup, years and years of frustration, broken hopes,…. the Sunday,  for us, for every people in Spain, for all our friends who are no longer  here and never could see this, Spain have to win the match!!!!!!!

See u friends and go for the cup!!!!!!!