Migration to Libre Software in Zaragoza city council

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Hi all!!!

Yesterday I began a new subject in my M.Sc. on Libre Software, and we had a talk presented by Eduardo Romero Moreno, who talked us about the migration to Libre Software in the Zaragoza city council, the talk was very interesting and entertaining, and as activity of our subject here I write about this talk, the main topics, data, advantages and disadvantages of the migration, etc.

This notes were taken in real time in my class, the lecturer talked in spanish and I translated and wrote at the same time, so maybe you can find a few mistakes 😉

Also I attach a pdf (created and formatted using LaTeX) if you prefer this format.


Published the Android 2.3 (aka Gingerbread) source code!!

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Hi all!!

This news has a few days, but as I didn’t put when happened, I put it now.

The Android Open Source Proejct (AOSP) released few days after that the released of the new Nexus S and the Gingerbread SDK, the complete project source code.

Russia begins to change privative software for libre one

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Hi all!!

I’ve read the news about how Russia begins to change the use of privative software in its public administration.

The main software in this country is privative software, as Microsoft Windows for the OS and other privative applications for other tasks.

Born the first “free domain”, .42

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Hi all!!!

Today I was reading my rss reader about free software news and I’ve read a news about the first free software domain .42 .

.42 is a domain of the company 42registry.org, and the purpose for this domain is to promote the net neutrality, with the premise to create an open Internet and focused to free software.

Make money (get investment) with Free/Libre Software today is a reallity

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Hi at all!!!!

Today, i was reading an article about how the company called Riptano have achieved $2.7 million in a investment capital made by Lightspeed Venture Partners.

Riptano is a commercial company for Cassandra, a scalable  and high performance open source database.

Lightspeed Venture Partners is a global venture capital firm with over $2 billion of commited capital under management.

With the investment, Riptano is hiring developers to work full-time on Cassandra, building a business team to serve its customers, creating Cassandra resources and developing performance management software.

Black Duck Software acquires Ohloh

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Hi at all!!!

Today, i received one announcement mail, saying that Ohloh, one of the refferences sites about FLOSS projects, have been acquired by the company Black Duck Software.

This company have been around 2003, and have involved with the FOSS world since their inception. Black Duck develops a suite of applications and services that companies use to speed up and manage their use of open source software. They’ve compiled a KnowledgeBase of FOSS project information that they believe is the industry’s most comprehensive. They also have a free developer website for code search called Koders.com where they index billions of lines of open source code from projects intheir  KnowledgeBase. They will combine Koders.com and their KnowledgeBase with the project and people data on Ohloh.

Also, they said spoke about the future of Ohloh “together with new more powerful search, selection, and usage tools will make it much easier for developers to find, select and use FOSS.”

More information can be read in the Ohnouncement page.

See u my friends!!!!

Contribución en db4o

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Haciendo mi trabajo de un estudio sobre un proyecto de software libre, el cuál  lo he hecho sobre el proyecto de base de datos orientada a objetos db4o, he aprendido mucho, algunas cosas las sabía, ya que llevo usando db4o desde 2007, y otras no, sobre todo las centradas con la comunidad, modelos de negocio, y licencias.

Entre estas cosas, una me ha resultado muy interesante, que es el modo en que un usuario puede colaborar con el núcleo del proyecto db4o.

Esto se puede realizar de dos formas: