Youtube publishes the Open source channel

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Hi all!!!

I’ve read that Youtube (Google property) has released its open source channel for all open source  videos  from Google projects.

This channel is one more in the Google relation with the open source like Google code.

The original news is here and the Youtube Open source channel is here.

See u my friends!!


Stallman talks about ChromeOS

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Hi at all!!!

Today I’ve read a Richard Stallman comment about ChromeOS.

Stallman says that ChromeOS and the cloud computing, which is an inherent thing in this new operating system, is a big step to the “neglected computing”.

This operating system make of the cloud computing the core of this system, because ChromeOS is not more than the gateway to other apps that there are all in the cloud, so here, Google says that is more safe and reliable, while Stallman says that is a big problem to lost of privacy and control .

Over 300,000 Android devices activated per day

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Hi at all!!!

Today i’ve seen Andy Rubin twitter, (Rubin is vice-president of Android department Engineering in Google) and he says exactly that “There are over 300,000 Android devices activated each day”.

This meaning that there are 300,000 new devices activated per day with a FLOSS operating system, in this case, Android, and if we see more far, we can say that there are 300,000 devices activated per day using Linux.

This is great news for the FLOSS community!!! the next days/months with the adoption of the new Android 2.3 version, surely the number of these devices can be more high.

See u my friends!!!

Post Google I/O Madrid

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Hola a todos!!!

Ayer por fín fue el día D hora H, (u hora zulú si os gusta más jejeje), las 17’30 (hora española, 8’30 hora en San Francisco) era la hora indicada para dar comienzo la keynote de Google, en la que iba a estar orientada, seguramente en Android y la nueva Google TV, …

QuiteSleep se presenta en sociedad en Google y en el Mobile Monday!!!

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Hola a todos!!!

Como he puesto antes en inglés, tengo el placer de comunicaros a todos, que mi aplicación y Proyecto Fin de Master, QuiteSleep, será presentada en las oficinas de Google en Madrid el Jueves día 20 por la tarde!!!! Google se puso en contacto conmigo la semana pasada invitándome a ver con ellos la keynote de la Google I/O que comienza el miércoles en San Francisco de forma online y luego comentar con ellos que nos ha parecido, bien, yo acepté la invitación y me la confirmaron, y me

QuiteSleep in Google I/O (Madrid) and Mobile Monday!!!!

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Hi at all!!!

I’m pleased to say you that my application QuiteSleep, this week see the light, and… 20th thursday, I’ll go to the Google office in Madrid to see the Google I/O keynote, Google keep in contact with me the last week and i accepted, and when the keynote ends, i show to the people they have been in the meeting my application in a presentation!!!

Android Developer LAB 2010 in Madrid!!

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android dev lab  2010


Last Saturday (02-13-2010) was the Android Developer LAB en Madrid,  organized by Gsyc/LibreSoft and Google (Gsyc/LibreSoft is an investigation group of my university, URJC).

The morning started really good… evererybody recieved a Nexus One!!!!  a gift totally free made by Google!!! so, as i say, very very good!!! The mobile phone at the moment doesn’t sell in Spain, so we’re the first in my country!!! 🙂 it’s really awesome!!! nothing to see with my “old” Dev Phone and Android 1.6…. Nexus One has 1GHz SnapDragon microprocessor.. so it’s how u have a little netbook on your hand!!!! Nexus’ screen is really big, 3’7″ much more than iPhone or other Android phones.. and the software.. for me the really important.. is great!!! animations, 3D effects, soft soft soft!!! 5 desktop.. contacts and phone caller are changed since the last versions.. in conclussion.. the best phone i’ve ever had!!