Red Hat the 1000$ million company

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Hi at all!!

I’m reading here that Red Hat, the company which based its business model in its GNU/Linux distribution called also Red Hat, according to Forbes will be in a compnay which will get incomes of more than 1000$ million in 2011.


Novell gana la disputa contra SCO por el copyright de Unix

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Leyendo Barrapunto veo que Novell ha ganado el juicio contra SCO Group por la disputa que mantenian ambas sobre la propiedad de Unix.

Las disputas de SCO Group contra otras grandes compañias de la industría Linux (no GNU/Linux, solo contra el Kernel), se remontan a 2003, cuando esta empresa inició una serie de acciones judiciales para dar a enteder que Linux violaba la propiedad intelectual de Unix propiedad de SCO Group, muchas de las empresas demandadas contraatacaron haciendo lo propio contra SCO.

Debugging using my Android mobile phones in Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala)

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Hi at all!!!

This note should be write long time ago, when i used it for first time, but i always forget to write anything about it, and simply put as my favorites in my web brwoser…

Now i already have my own blog, and how i promised in the beggining i’m going to write any tip that i think is useful for me and others.

Well, how like many of you know, i’m doing my Final Master Thesis that is an Android application, and one way for debugger any Android app is use your Android mobile phone for this.

Before of all, in Ubuntu GNU/Linux you must do one easy-setup in your OS, and this post is based in it .