What is QA?? and the QA for Mozilla… and for me ;-)

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Hi mates!!!!

Today I’m going to write about another really intersting thing which we have learned in the Project Evaluation subject, QA (Quality Assurance).

In the class that my mates were in it, remember I couldn’t go because I’m living in Amsterdam, they sow the Mozilla case about the QA, so now I’m with the slides they used in it, I’m going to explain what they learned.

1. What is QA??

Quality Assurance (QA) is the systematic monitoring and evaluation of the various aspects of a project, service or facility to maximize the probability that standards of quality are being attained the production process. QA can not absolutely guarantee the production of quality products.

We have in the QA two main principles:

  • Fit for purpose: the product should be for intended purpose.
  • Right first time: mistakes should be eliminated.

QA includes regulation of the quality of raw material, assemblies, products and components, services related to production, and management, production and inspection processes.

The QA is not associate with the price of the product, we can have a cheap product but with an high quality.

2. QA for Mozilla

For Mozilla QA is the method of systematically evaluating and monitoring various aspects of a project. Mozilla has a lot of software which are really useful to work in the QA of the Mozilla products like Bugzilla, Crash Reporter, etc.
Software testing at Mozilla is trated as an objective inquiry conducted by the QA community.
For this testing Mozilla also uses the user feedback who sometimes send to them.

3. Mozilla QA Teams

In Mozilla we have a set of teams which try to test all applications and ensure the quality:

  • Desktop Firefox QA
  • Browser Technologies QA
  • Web QA
  • QA Test automation
  • QA Services

Each team is encharged to work in different projects and/or different parts of the Mozilla project and apps.

As other FLOSS projects and parts of the Mozilla project anyone can participate in these QA tasks.

4. Conclusion

As we see the QA for Mozilla and for all important and bigs FLOSS communities is really imortant, without QA tasks the software developed by them would not have nothing to do with enterprise software from privative companies like Microsoft, Apple, Oracle, etc. because is really important the application the code, but this without testing and quality tasks to check the correct functionality and behavior is nothing, as an example, in all works like you and me can do it (I mean the work at the office), all software we do need to have a test stage where the testers try to find all mistakes and bugs, even that is sure that the software will released with bugs and then is here where the users feedback is really important.

So, as conclusion we need to understand the lifecycle of software like a complete process with analysis, coding, testing, etc. and of course not only in privative software, also in FLOSS software.


QA (Wikipedia)

Mozilla QA (MSWL slides)
And that’s all, see u my friends!!


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