FLOSS Communities 4: The Linux Foundation (TLF)

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Hi folks!!!

Following the set of post about FLOSS communities, now is the turn of The Linux Foundation (TLF)

1. Introduction

The Linux Foundation (TLF) is a non-profit consortium which main work is to promote the growth of Linux.
Was founded in 2007, by the merge of other two non-profit consortium, the Open Source Development Labs (OSDL) and the Free Standards Group. The Linux Foundation promotes, protect, and standardizes Linux, and its supported by leading Linux and libre software companies and developers around the world.

2. Main work

The Linux Foundation focuses primary in the next action points:

  • Promoting Linux TLF is the spokesperson for Linux around the world. Generate documentation for improve the knowing about the project. Create events for promoting Linux in different places of the world, also promotes Linux between developers and communities and make possible that the ones can collaborate for promotional issues.
  • Protecting Linux TLF managed all investment actions for earn some money for protect and promote Linux, with this, Linus Torvalds and many others Linux developers can work for full time in Linux develop. TLF also handles all legal environment including trademarks and offer to developers intellectual property protection, and coordinates industry and community legal collaboration and education.
  • Improving Linux With standardization and support services, the TLF wants to make attractive for the developers work in Linux. With annual events, TLF provides technical information and education to the Linux community.

3. Internal structure

The Linux foundation is similar to FSF in the way to both foundations not develop nothing unlike Mozilla Foundation and Apache Software Foundation, because this reason, the membership in the TLF organization is more for give some type of support for the main work in the foundation. So, TLF has several members:

  • Platinum members, like Fijitsu, Hitachi, IBM, Intel, Nec, Oracle and Qualcomm.
  • Gold members, like Amd, Cisco, China mobile, Google, Hp, etc.
  • Silver members, like Adobe, Dell, Canonical, etc.
  • Other members, like community groups, universities (affiliates) and individuals.

The three pay members provide most investment for the foundation, and engage in all production, manufacture, use, sale and standardization of Linux or other open source based technologies.
The Linux Foundation has a Board Member formed by 16 directors such as:

  • Larry Augustin.
  • James Bottomley.
  • Mark Charlebois.
  • Wim Coekaerts, etc.

The Linux Foundation has a staff divided in:

  • Management team.
  • Fellows (Linus Torvalds is in this group).


The Linux Foundation in the Wikipedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux_Foundation
The Linux Foundation, rules and membership. http://www.linuxfoundation.org/about/bylaws
The Linux Foundation, members. https://www.linuxfoundation.org/about/members

And that’s all, see u my friends!!!


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