FLOSS Leaders 1: Richard Stallman

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Hi folks!!!

Today I’m going to start with a set of posts relating FLOSS leaders. This posts are for my other subject about Developers and motivations, this subject is regarding the people that is involved in FLOSS communities, their motivation, their work, etc

Today, the first with Richard M. Stallman.

Richar M. Stallman (aka RMS)  is maybe the first FLOSS leader in the history (maybe not, but surely the most important and influential one), he was born in March 16, 1953 and is from USA.

In the late 1970s  and early 1980s RMS was working at MIT and in that days, the universities and companies signed a lot of documents to avoid distribute the code to avoid people could change the functionality and to try win in the business.

RMS didn’t like this, for him was innaceptable create something that and the people couldn’t get the code, study it and modify it, so in February 1984 he quit his job at MIT and started to create tools to give to other developers the ways to create software outside the jails of the companies and contracts.

After quit his job at MIT, RMS started the GNU Project.

RMS is not only an advocate of the Free Software, also is an activism, and he leadership a lot of movements against the patents, etc. also he is very criticized from diverse sites and people who thinks he is very extreme in his opinions, etc.

And that’s all my friends I’ll continue with more post about FLOSS leaders soon.


RMS (Wikipedia)

See u!!!


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