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Hi folks!!
I continue with the series of post regarding my subjects of my M.Sc. on Free Software.

Ecplise is one of the most important and famous IDEs, it’s completely Open Source under Eclipse Public License.

It’s written mostly in Java and can be used to create applications for Java and for a big amount of different programming languages like Python, C, C++, etc. using different plugins (most of them open source too).

Maing use of the different plugins, Eclipse is very versatil, not only with plugins to “understand” different programming languages but also with plugins for web servers, deployment, mobile application, etc.

Eclipse began as IBM Canada Project, it was developed by Object Technology International as a Java replacement for the Smalltalk based VisualAge family of IDE products.

In November 2001 a consortium was created to release Eclipse as Open Source, and in January 2004 the Eclipse Foundation was created to preserve the project and the freedom around it as open source software.

Eclipse was originally released under the Common Public License, but was later relicensed under the Eclipse Public License.

The FSF says that both are Free software licenses, but both are incompatible with the GNU GPL.

Since Eclipse 3.0 (released in June 2004), every year in June a new Eclipse version is released, today we have Eclipse Indigo which is the version 3.7, for the next year, we can wait Eclipse Juno which will be the 4.2 version.

And that’s all my friends!!!!


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