Onion Skin in FLOSS (and other aspects of our lives)

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Hi all!!!

Continuing with the posts regarding the study of free software communities, now I’m going to talk about a term which I’ve hear in my M.Sc. at first time, but also is fit to other situations of the life.

The term is “Onion Skin“.

This term is based on free software work regarding developers.
I mean, in all FLOSS projects, de main work is perform by a little group of developers, maybe the project has a very big number of developers, but only a few perform the main work of the project.

As I’ve seen in projects like Gimp, Mozilla, Suvbersion, etc. the main work is perform but only a few developers, and this group can change along the time.

For example in big projects like Linux some of the most important developers maybe are hired by a company which desire to work (and of course to get benefits) with Linux, this developers maybe can be the most important developers of 2010 (is an example remember), but imagine that one of them change his employ and then if we see the evolution after that we could see that
this developer is not already one of the most important.
This is an example of the evolution and change of developers in a FLOSS project.

As you can think in the work of the developers can affect also the personal life of every one of them, job situations, vacations, health, etc. they are a common real people!!

And coming back to the onion skin, this theory is completely accepted in FLOSS world, but also you can find this theory in other aspects of our lives, for example, the work made in a non software project (privative), always in any team of people always there are people who work harder than others.
In class, you can remember when you studied in the high school and when you did team works, always, there was people who worked a lot and other members who only provided “their presence”.

I think that maybe this is a common thing in situations where don’t be directed by nothing but by the group, but surely this theory can appear in other situations which are directed by someone (privative software projects, or other works different than software).

It depends on the people, of course, but is normal, not all people work the same, have the same interests, have the same time, have the same concerns, etc.

As always, and remembering previous personal opinions in my blog, FLOSS is based in a community of people and as any group of people the behaviour is regarding to people, people like you and me with the same or different needs, behaviour, interests, etc.

As conclusion FLOSS is people.

See you my friends.


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