Libre Software on desktops (in spanish public administrations) and servers

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Hi all!!

Friday was my 2nd class on my subject on Deploy of Libre Software.
This class was based on libre software on both sides, desktop computers and servers.

Is different the type of computer that you use, is different using a desktop or a server.

Desktop (in spanish public administrations):

In desktops we can find several libre software operating systems, but is a fact that in this segment, libre software operating systems are not very spread.

In my country, Spain, the public administration little by little tries to put libre software in its machines, but nowadays, the situation is far to be really libre.

We’ve seen different BOEs (Official State Bulletin) in which we can see the evolution of libre software in the Spanish laws, at earlies 2000’s libre software was non-mentioned but now in the last bulletins libre software appears several times with this name and also under the name of “Software de Fuentes Abiertas”, it’s a fact that libre software is beginning to be used in the public administration, and as I say, already appears in the laws.

I think the use of libre software in common desktop like conventional users is very difficult because in almost all schools, high schools, universities, work centers, etc. they use privative software, so is a fact that in all life of a conventional user, privative operating systems are the most common used.
Not is because they are better than the libre ones, is only the tradition, MS take long years being the most important vendor on operating system, and change this perspective and this fact is very complicated.
We have to seen the next years but if you see some graphs about the use of libre software operating systems on desktops you can see that this way will be a long way…


The second part of this class was regarding libre software in servers.

In this side, libre software operating systems are the most used without rivals.
The reason for it could be because libre software operating systems put its code in disposition to all world, and for this reason the availability and security are better than the privative ones where you don’t know what the operating systems done under the pretty GUI….

With operating systems you can find several great tools for servers, and this tools are also libre software.
Tools and applications for Internet servers, storage, firewalls, sysadmin, virtualization, high availability, cloud computing, etc.

As we’ve seen in this second part libre software in servers are more important that the same in user desktop, I think it’s because, as I mentioned before the liberty to access to the full source code and seeing how it runs and of course, because the sysadmins are computer professional with expertise in several options to use in servers and this expertise make the difference between servers and desktops.

See you my friends!!!


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