Karl Fogel. Article 3 “State that the project is free”

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Hi all!!

Now, continuing with the articles related to Karl Fogel’s book, I’m going to talk about something that in the most cases seems obvious, but in several cases doesn’t it.

In your floss webpage project you must say explicitly that your project is “Free Software” or “Open Source Software”.

In many webpages that you can find, you can see information about the project, but the note about if is floss and the license is not clear to many floss webpages projects.

Any user when finds your project and wants information about it, doesn’t spend much time in your webpage, around 30 seconds, if the information about the project and the terms are not clear, the user forgets your project and begins to search other.

In many floss webpages projects you can see and find the site for developers or community, even the repository with all the code, but the license, sometimes is not clear to find. This can’t succed with your project, you must write explicitly that your proyect is floss and under what license is released.

Remember, if you want or believe that release your project under any floss license, can give you a serie of qualities, don’t forget to put it to your potential users, not only in the webpage, but in the code with the typical files about license, your forge site, etc.

See you my friends!!


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