Do you like FLOSS? Why? Do you know?

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Hi all!!!

Writing my previous post about how apply a FLOSS license to your project, have been at my head a frequent question that occur when someone say me “I like very much FLOSS” or “I love FLOSS I’m a big defender about it” or similar… then I ask in my interior why? Do you know what is FLOSS?… obviously I don’t say nothing to the person because I know that FLOSS is a very complex topic and the person say it with all of your good will.

But is something recurrent, Why do you say this? You can know what is floss lighty above, is free for all, etc. but maybe you don’t know about licenses, and how does it run…maybe exists things about FLOSS that you don’t like…

Other case is people who say “I’m a big FLOSS defender”, but when they have a chance to work in a community project say “No, I prefeer do it alone”… why? If surely the project has been already developed previously and maybe with your work could be improve!! “No, no I prefeer alone”… sincerely I don’t understand this… as Karl Fogel says If is for educational reasons, ok, you learn much more if you work in all, but if is for build a product that already exists… I don’t understand…

And the case that I feel worse, people who say the same “I love FLOSS, I use FLOSS apps”, but when they have done a project and take the oportunity to release it under any FLOSS license they say “no, I don’t feel sure about this..” doubts?? now?? Aren’t you a FLOSS defensor? I don’t understand…

Well, this is only my opinion maybe a very strict opinion, but I feel very near of the FLOSS communities and when someone has the oportunity to give something back, I understand that must collaborate with the community, I don’t know, is similar to the bittorrent case, where exists leechers and seeders (see bittorrent for more info)…

Anyway, the conclussion is not seems that I’m a “FLOSS taliban”, is only that FLOSS is not only work for all and free like a beer, FLOSS is much more,.. is freedom, is code, is legality, is economy, is work.. and the most important.. is people!!! people like you and me.

See you my friends!!!


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