Russia begins to change privative software for libre one

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Hi all!!

I’ve read the news about how Russia begins to change the use of privative software in its public administration.

The main software in this country is privative software, as Microsoft Windows for the OS and other privative applications for other tasks.

But is a common sense and fact, that Russia has one of the most “pirate software market” in the world, in most schools use pirate licenses, pirate software and they don’t pay for use of it.

So it is a good movement for the Russian govern to start to change privative software for free software, for begin the OS and then for other applications.

Also exists opinons that say Russia with the pass of the time creates its own free software OS like in some Spain communities that are based in Linux.

The plan was signed a few days ago for the primer minister Vladimir Putin.

The original news is here.

See u my friends!!


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