Published the Android 2.3 (aka Gingerbread) source code!!

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Hi all!!

This news has a few days, but as I didn’t put when happened, I put it now.

The Android Open Source Proejct (AOSP) released few days after that the released of the new Nexus S and the Gingerbread SDK, the complete project source code.

With this released Google and the Open Headset Alliance hope to stop the alternative roms based in Froyo (2.2) with some added of Gingerbread, and the developers begin to build complete roms based completly in this new version.

As we seen in our free/libre software classes, Android is completly libre software under Apache License v2, but the source code, and the Android roadmap is completly managed by Google, so only when Google like, the new version of AOSP is launched. This reason don’t prevents that Android is free software, the code is here, and you have the four freedoms, but, when you can get the code is the Google restriction.

But, any way, well news for Android community and the libre software!!

The AOSP site is here.


See u my friends!!!



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