Born the first “free domain”, .42

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Hi all!!!

Today I was reading my rss reader about free software news and I’ve read a news about the first free software domain .42 .

.42 is a domain of the company, and the purpose for this domain is to promote the net neutrality, with the premise to create an open Internet and focused to free software.

This domain, for the moment, is not an official one, and the requirements are that the webs under this domain haven’t commercial projects and/or with advertising.

The system uses the principles of the Global Anycast networks for avoid the ICANN restrictions.

With some opinions about this new idea, also have bad ones, ie, for use numbers in the domains and also for call to this domain as elitist one.

For me this domain is not free, or not free like free/libre software must be, this domain is oriented to non-commercial projects and non-advertising sites, but… free/libre software not limit this, free/libre is not the same that free like a beer, free like freedom is the premise for call to any project free, so in my opinion, this domain is not free, and the people musn’t use this domain for free projects for this reason, the owner of the domain are putting restrictions about this, restrictions that aren’t compatibles with free/libre software.

What do you think?

The original news is here.

See u and happy holidays my friends!!!!


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