Stallman talks about ChromeOS

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Hi at all!!!

Today I’ve read a Richard Stallman comment about ChromeOS.

Stallman says that ChromeOS and the cloud computing, which is an inherent thing in this new operating system, is a big step to the “neglected computing”.

This operating system make of the cloud computing the core of this system, because ChromeOS is not more than the gateway to other apps that there are all in the cloud, so here, Google says that is more safe and reliable, while Stallman says that is a big problem to lost of privacy and control .

In USA, the authorities have to show you a warrant for get your information, but if the one is in the cloud, in a company, the authorities can get the information without warrant.

ChormeOS is an GNU/Linux OS, so is free software, but the services which use it not.

So, here is a discussion, what you preffer? all your information in your own systems? like in your home? or in the cloud wherever there is?

In my opinion, a mix between the two systems, today, almost all people have an email account of some big company that provides these services, so the information of these mails are in the company systems, but almost all, have important documents in our own systems, so the mix between both, i think, is the best option.

What do you think?

See u my friends!!!


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