Released the new LinEX version

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Hi at all!!!

Today while reading my rss feed i’ve found a interest new and athough already have time, the news is 22nd November, i put now.

The news is about the new version of LinEX, called LinEX 2010.

LinEX is a GNU/Linux distribution released by the Junta de Extremadura.

Extremadura was the of the first (or maybe the first) Spanish community to began and use libre software by their public administration and education.

The use with the libre software was more important with the release of the GNU/Linux custom distribution based in Debian for use in their schools and public administration.

Today, with this announce, Extremadura follow trusting in libre software and collaborate with it.
This version cames with new features such as the use of electronic DNI, and tools for use with the Extremadura public administrations.

You can see and donwload LinEX here.
And the complete news (in Spanish) was found here.

See u my friends!!!


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