Red Hat the 1000$ million company

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Hi at all!!

I’m reading here that Red Hat, the company which based its business model in its GNU/Linux distribution called also Red Hat, according to Forbes will be in a compnay which will get incomes of more than 1000$ million in 2011.

At now, the amount is near the 850-900$ million, and of course, seems that 2011 will be the wear that Red Hat get this.

Said in Tech Drive-In that only a few software companies have been get overcome this amount, so in case of an open source company the achievement is much more special.

In Forbes explain that this achieve show the support of the TIC companies to the open source software.

This news, for me are good because support the idea commented in Economic aspects class, where talked about that the companies can’t based their business model in earn money selling software but they do with services around this, the software only provides use value.

In the Red Hat case, they develop the software, help to develop the Linux kernel, but earn money also selling software especially with the services around this like support, training, certifications, etc.

See u my friends!!!


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