Openbravo announce new general director

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Hi at all!!!

Today reading my rss I’ve read the news about Openbravo named Paolo Juvara as new general director.

Openbravo is a company which has the open source Openbravo ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).

This company has several services around this such as:
– Consulting
– Maintenance support
– Training and certification
– Outsourcing.

So, Openbravo could be called a company which business model is product specialist for develop and base their business in the open source application, and open core since they offer a open source application and if you are subscriber you can get more functionality with other privative tools that you’ll have access.

This news talk about the new position for Paolo Juvara and for the before general director, Manel Sarasa who now takes the Openbravo vice-president position.

With this movements and the trust in the company by their investors with a new investment round  for the company grow, Openbravo trust in expand much more in the world.

The complete news is here (in Spanish).
Openbravo website.
Openbravo forge
Openbravo in the wikipedia.

M.Sc. Libre software slides about Economic aspects very useful for fin which type of business doing the companies.
See u my friends!!!


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