New ways and ideas for innovate

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Hi at all!!!

I was reading a curious news about the interaction for innovation using social networks.

This is a great thing in that i’m very interesting since i learned in my subject about Legal aspects in my M.Sc. in Libre Software, how the innovation is in the people, in usual people.

The news talk about a new Tim Burton project that is using twitter for create a story.
The people use the hashtag #BurtonStory for said notes about, and the best ones of the day are used for the story.
This tale will be show in a Toronto museum in few days.
Burton began detailed in a phrase the adventures of “Stainboy” and then the people continue whit this.
The complete project has the name of “Tim Burton’s Cadavre Exquils” and today (6th December) is the last day for collaborate with the tale.

Other curious experiment, now in our country (Spain), is the short movie Miedo (Fear) co-directed by Jaume Balagueró and more of six thousand people.
This story began in a blog made for this and continue with the social networks help.

At last, a song directed and singing by Juan Zelada, this song was made with the twitts of people who used the hashtag #yoconfieso, the best and logical were selected by Zelada and mix togheter with and maintaining the sense and rhythm.
The video with the song is here.

The complete article (in Spanish) is here.

See u my friends!!!


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