Android SDK 2.3 and Nexus S already here!!

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Hi at all!!!!

Today is a great day for Android!!!!

Today Goggle has announced its new mobile phone, Nexus S.
And with this announce Google also has released the Android SDK 2.3 version for develop.

So, i’m going to talk about the two announces:

a) Nexus S:
The Nexus One successor now its manufactured by the South Korean company, Samsung.
The mobile has 4″ wga (480×800) amoled screen with contour display with curved glass screen and 235 ppi.
Wi-fi 802.11 b/g.. and n!!!
Near Field Communication (NFC), a new feature!.
1 GHz Cortex A8 (Hummingbird) processor.
16 GB iNAND flash memory (at last, great capacity storage!).
H.264 and H.263 MPEG4 video recording.
Front facing camera, VGA (640×480), like Apple invented the videocall, now Android also appoint to the same (is ironic of course… 😉
1500 mAH Lithium Ion.
And the more important…. Android 2.3 also known as Gingerbread such as operating system.

b) Android 2.3 (aka Gingerbread)
This news is, for me, the more important, the mobile phones, the hardware, it’s secondary.
This Android version arrives with good changes, but not great such as Android 2.2.

The main new features are these:

a) Oriented to the final user:
– UI refinements for simplicity and speed
– Faster, more intuitive text input
– One-touch word selection and copy/paste
– Improved power management
– Control over applications
– New ways of communicating, organizing:

  • Internet calling
  • Near-field communications
  • Downloads management
  • Camera

b) Oriented to the developers:
– Enhancements for gaming:

  • Performance
  • Native input and sensor events
  • Gyroscope and other new sensors, for improved 3D motion processing
  • Open API for native audio
  • Native graphics management
  • Native access to Activity lifecycle, window management
  • Native access to assets, storage
  • Robust native development environment

– New forms of communication:

  • Internet telephony
  • Near Field Communications (NFC)

– Rich multimedia:

  • Mixable audio effects
  • Support for new media formats
  • Access to multiple cameras

c) Corresponding with the platform technology:
– Media Framework
– Upgrade Linux Kernel
– Networking
– Dalvik runtime

For me, the real interesting change and probably such as you can see is the related with games like as OpenGL improves, and new sensors capabilities.
The sensors issue is something that can give a lot of game, new vias for interact….

For more information, specially the new Android features, that I’ve just only announced, can be read here.
And the official website with more information and videos about Nexus S, is here.

See u my friends!!!!


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