What is Oracle doing with the Free/Libre Software?

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Hi at all!!!

Possibly you know about Oracle and the bought of Sun Microsystems for it the last year, and possibly you know the last news about the Oracle against Sun Microsystems managed free software products,… don’t you know?? ok, i’m going to explain…!!

First of all, Oracle win de bought over Sun Microsystems against the other bidder, IBM, the last year, and then, all the free software projects that Sun Microsystems had, now, Oracle had the property.

The free software projects are:

Java, OpenOffice, OpenSolaris, MySQL and VirtualBox.

And the main question about this, when Oracle bought Sun Microsystems was… What happen with the Free Software projects?

It’s a common sense that Oracle doesn’t friend of free software, or at least, not is  a main prefference and not is a preffered bussines model.

The main question in the free software/open source community was about MySQL, but the first projects that the community have said something have been OpenSolaris and OpenOffice.

First of all, the case about OpenSolaris, this operating system was stopped for several months by Oracle, and then the community decided start a new fork for try to OpenSolaris not dead, and then born IllumOS how OS kernel, and OpenIndiana how a complete operating system, so the community will continue the old OpenSolaris by this way and nothing private company will be behind.

After this, OpenOffice is a office suit completly free software, and the community thinking about the case of OpenSolaris will be the same for this project start a new fork called LibreOffice how continuation of the original OpenOffice, and creates a new foundation for defend the project called DocumentFoundation.

So how you as see, the community don’t stop and continue and defend the free software/open source software projects, now we must see how Oracle does with Java (the Apache Software Foundation said something about recently), MySQL, and VirtualBox….

The next days and months will be very busy…..

For more info you can see the next articles (in spanish):

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See u my friends!!!


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