Make money (get investment) with Free/Libre Software today is a reallity

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Hi at all!!!!

Today, i was reading an article about how the company called Riptano have achieved $2.7 million in a investment capital made by Lightspeed Venture Partners.

Riptano is a commercial company for Cassandra, a scalable  and high performance open source database.

Lightspeed Venture Partners is a global venture capital firm with over $2 billion of commited capital under management.

With the investment, Riptano is hiring developers to work full-time on Cassandra, building a business team to serve its customers, creating Cassandra resources and developing performance management software.

And now, what about the tittle??? Cassandra, as you know, is an Open Source database under Apache License v2, was originally developed by Facebook, and put as free software for the community later.

Riptano develops Cassandra (with others, remember is an open source project, also yourself can it!!) and they have some services around this. The business model for this company is monetize these services like offer software, support, and training.

How the article said about Riptano, this company brings Cassandra to the enterprise.

As you see, the old business in free software, the business model used by Red Hat in later 90’s or for any free software company, continue giving money.

And… Can Riptano monopolize the business around Cassandra?? no, Cassandra is an open source project so any company or person can use the same or different business model around this database.

$2.7 million…. isn’t a very interesting amount for a business model based in free software???

The complete article is here.

See u my friends!!!


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