What is Fair use???

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Hi at all!!!

Last Friday, in my subject about Legal Aspects of Free/Libre Software, my classmates and me played a curious game:

The teachers gave us five topics about issues with intellectual property, me and my group speak about the issue between Google, with their Google News, and some publishers and other electronic news papers.

The problem was that Google was demanded by some publishers, they said that Google News use their pics and texts about their news for the Google’s site Google News (for who don’t know what is Google News, is a site where indexing some news about any kind of question, we could said, is a big index with some links to the news).

What win the demand??? Google said they only put some links to the original new, and also pics for identify the news and link with the original ones, the publishers request some money for use their news and also said that Google earned some money using their news.

Google advertisments were free advertisment, so Google don’t earned money, and the links and pics to the news (the really important thing) did use of the fair use term.

This term, said that you can use with limitation and exception to the exclusive right granted by the copyright law to the author of a creative work, this clausule allows limited use of copyrighted material without requiring permission from the rights holders. Examples of fair use include commetary, criticism, news reporting, research, teaching,  library archiving and scholarship.

For this reason Google won the demand, Google only put links to the original news and pics to refference this also, so, the publishers couldn’t do nothing since only links were used and not the complete news.

For more information see:

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Google News issue in the Wikipedia (spanish)

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See u my friends!!!


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