The invisible war

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Hi at all!!!

Today, i was reading an article about an interview to Chris Anderson the chief editor of Wired and The Long Tail author, in this interview, Chirs Anderson talks about some different things, but there is one about the free software and privative software.

First of all, the article is about one sentence in wich Anderson said “The web is dead”, this sentence is about how the people increasingly use the web not for search information or use for the old things with the web born, if not, the people now use the web for some applications like Facebook, Twitter, Google apps, and whatever kind of web app, those apps is under and are owned private companies, so the internet open is day by day more closed, in fact, in the mobile phones, those web apps not usually used by the browser if there  some apps for use this services and see more better in these small devices, so exists more apps for use the web instead use personally the web.

Apropos this, Chris Anderson said there is a battle in internet between the free software and privative one (free software like the web, privative software like web apps or desktop apps that using the web). Said the privative software is winning at the moment, but he would like the free one win the battle, but the tendence is not clear.

Anderson said he lives in the two world, at daylight, he uses Apple iPad and participate in closed projects because for him is the best business model, at nightlight he woks in web communities manages an open source project.

The person who is in the daylight makes better business, at nightligh he feels better. At daylight he applaud the copyright, at nightlight, he fights against the intellectual property. And those movements coexists in internet, the open and the close.

For me, i would do highlight in the first sentence: “The person who is in the daylight makes better business, at nightligh he feels better”

Is a very interesting reflexion, can the free software, some day, not only make feel better to people, if not, make much money??? Today exists business models using free software, but the most important and those earn much money are closed models.

Some day the Free Software win the battle?? some day the best business models will be free business models?? Free Software is only for “crazy people” who are interesting only in an ethical way to share knowledge??

What do you think???

The original article is here.

See u my friends!!!


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