Black Duck Software acquires Ohloh

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Hi at all!!!

Today, i received one announcement mail, saying that Ohloh, one of the refferences sites about FLOSS projects, have been acquired by the company Black Duck Software.

This company have been around 2003, and have involved with the FOSS world since their inception. Black Duck develops a suite of applications and services that companies use to speed up and manage their use of open source software. They’ve compiled a KnowledgeBase of FOSS project information that they believe is the industry’s most comprehensive. They also have a free developer website for code search called where they index billions of lines of open source code from projects intheir  KnowledgeBase. They will combine and their KnowledgeBase with the project and people data on Ohloh.

Also, they said spoke about the future of Ohloh “together with new more powerful search, selection, and usage tools will make it much easier for developers to find, select and use FOSS.”

More information can be read in the Ohnouncement page.

See u my friends!!!!


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