QuiteSleep in Google I/O (Madrid) and Mobile Monday!!!!

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Hi at all!!!

I’m pleased to say you that my application QuiteSleep, this week see the light, and… 20th thursday, I’ll go to the Google office in Madrid to see the Google I/O keynote, Google keep in contact with me the last week and i accepted, and when the keynote ends, i show to the people they have been in the meeting my application in a presentation!!!

Yeah!!! is an unique opportunity!!! and toghether with QuiteSleep presentation, me and my two partners of Android Startup, do an Android Startup group presentation, so.. i will do two presentations the same day!!!! too nervous!!! hehehe

And that’s not all.. the 24th Monday, is the Moble Monday meeting in Madrid, and again, me and my two Android Startup partners will go, and … yes!!! I show they QuiteSleep presentation!!!!

QuiteSleep coludn’t release with better promo!!!

Well i hope everything goes well!!!!

I will tell you!!!

See u !!!!

Update 05/24/2010: The last Friday, i finally rejected the invitation to show QuiteSleep in the Madrid Mobile Monday, my reasons?? my conversational english is good for happy parties,… but for show to lot of people (around 150)  with all circumstances that can be happen, my english isn’t enough, so the next time… i promise i will work hard my english conversation… anyway thank you very much to Rudy Da Waele and Carles Ferreiro for their interest in my application and for interest to show QuiteSleep to the people in MoMo Madrid.


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