Android Startup

Android, libre software, me

Hi at all!!!

This post is for talk about one new Android website and community group called Android Startup, this group is founded and managed by Germán Viscuso and Damasia Maneiro, two Computer Engineers and great persons with long experience in object-oriented programming, object-oriented databases, open source communities management, and much more… and of course Android develop and all around this!!

Yesterday afternoon, i have the pleasure to met they and talk about the Android environment, communities, projects that every us are developing actually, ideas for develop in the future, bussines models, and so on!!!, how pulicite the web site and the group for create an Android Community here, in Madrid, because isn’t nothing similar in our city (in Barcelona have more movement about this…), and create several Android courses for begginers and for specified cases about the Android develop, are the first things we want to do,.. so if you have interest to learn about Android develop, or if u have any idea that you like put in an application, or simply you talk with us, and begin to start to know about Android and all around this, join us!!! in the site Android Startup, also to find Android news, you can inscribe in our group and talk to us.

See u!!! And join us!!!


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